About us

"Elegance inside your Home"


30 years ago, our story was born. A story of passion. A journey leading us to transform what is at the heart of everyone: one’s home, one’s shop, one’s favourite room. A beautiful fairy tale that hides hard work, perseverance and values to finally lead to the success of a company that continues to grow. The secret of such a success is not only the passion  we invest in our missions, our expertise of 30 years but also this respect of our values, this refusal of compromise in terms of quality, our demands on ourselves, the value we place on the team and the understanding we have of the needs of our customers. No detail is negligible or superfluous, nothing is left to chance. These are hours we spend carving this work that will become yours.

We are more than just a specialized contractor who delivers turnkey commercial or residential projects.


We are Elihm Chest.

Who are we?

Our name Elihm Chest

These initials define our concept: the elegance inside your home. Nothing can define us better than this concept. Whatever your tastes, we will bring a touch of style to it. This rare little touch makes all the difference.

Quality and professionalism

As a leader in the residential and commercial sector, our team of professionals has worked hard over the past 30 years to build an exclusive and deserved reputation meeting the quality requirements of our customers.

Unique projects

Unique as your dream, unique as our customer service listening to you like nobody, unique as our winning turnkey recipe, unique as our vision, our passion, our know-how. Unique as this way we have to turn your dreams into reality.

All the products and services for your home

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